Basic Income

In this society, many people have come up with excuses for their absence in the working field. Some being “ all branches being overrun by technology” or “immigrants have all come and are fighting for the empty job spots”. As a daughter of a man with generations of self-proclaimed workers, this highly upsets me. The thought of America having their basic income rate is insane … Continue reading Basic Income

The Cell phone’s Father

Alexander Graham Bell was a creator in the Industrial unrest. He was best known for making the telephone. Alexander was born on March 3, 1847. In his initial years, he was known as being a horrible student yet had an extraordinary ability for critical thinking. He began designing at 12 years old, by making a cultivating gadget for his companion’s dad that could undoubtedly husk … Continue reading The Cell phone’s Father


Numerous protests have been raised over GMOs, especially with the contemplation of them being morally, planetarily, and monetarily alright for individual utilization. A great many people who are not as well informed as others may state that  “they are not regular so they can’t be expended” while others consider them to be a fundamental piece of life for our developing countries.  The articulation GMO represents … Continue reading GMOs

Are You Really That Smart?

Is holding a group of slightly higher testing students over their peers really what is needed in this schooling system? Do my Honors Biology and Advanced Chemistry really have such a vast impact on my learning career? In all honesty, the way that staff, students, and parents view honors classes, needs to be changed. Being in honors doesn’t matter at all. It can’t make you … Continue reading Are You Really That Smart?