11/6/19 Random Fact #34

Did you know that cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis? Everybody has heard of the old myth that cracking your joints can cause arthritis later on in life at least once. Popping your knuckles has been proven not to cause any harm or benefits (Although the sounds may not be socially accepted). So it’s okay to crack your knuckles as long as it doesn’t produce … Continue reading 11/6/19 Random Fact #34

10/30/19 Random Fact #33

Did you know that some bats actually drink blood? Although they are called Vampire Bats, they aren’t the actual demon vampire you’re thinking of. These bats drink the blood of mammals and humans. They search for a warm spot on the skin then pierce it with their teeth, licking the blood from the incision. I’ll be on break for the rest of the week, so … Continue reading 10/30/19 Random Fact #33