12/10/19 Random Fact #53

Did you know that blue raspberry flavoring comes from Whitebark raspberries? No, these raspberries aren’t the vibrant blue they show on candy packages, as there is no such thing as a blue raspberry. The flavoring also doesn’t come from those bright red raspberries you’d find at the grocery store. The flavoring comes from Whitebark raspberries, an almost black colored berry with hints of red and … Continue reading 12/10/19 Random Fact #53

12/6/19 Random Fact #51

Did you know that humans are genetically related to bananas? Most of us already know that humans are genetically related to chimpanzees (96% identical), but humans also share genes with bananas. According to scientists, our genes are over 60% identical to bananas. Those genes help with basic cellular functions such as dividing cells, copying DNA, and controlling the cell cycle. Continue reading 12/6/19 Random Fact #51

12/5/19 Random Fact #50

Did you know that string cheese was invented in 1976? For the 50th Random Fact, I thought it appropriate to talk about a very special snack that has affected just about everyone’s childhood. String cheese was invented by a person named Frank Baker. Most of the time, this cheese is made of mozzarella or a combination of mozzarella and cheddar. Obviously enough, it was named … Continue reading 12/5/19 Random Fact #50

12/3/19 Random Fact #48

Did you know that elephants don’t think humans are “cute”? Despite what you may or may not have heard on the internet, elephants do not view humans the same way we view puppies. It all began with a meme that was being shared on Tumblr. The meme didn’t get much attention until a woman on Twitter named Julia Hass tweeted about it. After that, multiple … Continue reading 12/3/19 Random Fact #48

11/26/19 Random Fact #46

Did you know that the pilgrims never wore buckles on their hats? Despite popular belief and many, many children’s coloring books, buckles didn’t become a fashion trend until decades after the pilgrims left England. They were actually used as a symbol of wealth and high status due to how expensive they were. The settlers at the time were so poor, that they had to use … Continue reading 11/26/19 Random Fact #46