Is Netflix too over priced?

Netflix is everyone’s go to, although since January of 2019 Netflix came out telling people that the price will be $13 instead of $11. The price is still cheaper than Hulu, but Hulu varies from $7.99-39.99. Although, Netflix doesn’t update their movies and tv shows very often. Although, Netflix is $13 it’s 10% cheaper than any Satellite bill costs and they have many things to … Continue reading Is Netflix too over priced?

Happiness is in the air!

The holidays are for happiness and love. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa these are the most important times to be with family! Many people love being with family and friends; seems like the best place to be. Or if you don’t celebrate, grab a cup of hot chocolate and curl up to a holiday movie. :)Classic holiday movies to watch :)Elf :)The muppet Christmas carol :)Home … Continue reading Happiness is in the air!

Freshman tips: Homecoming Edition

Are you ready to show your spirit?Homecoming is right around the corner. The hallway, float and people participating in spirit week can make or break your chance as winning. The more people that precipitate the better you score during Homecoming. The weeks leading to Homecoming can be very stressful for people planning homecoming so help out as much as you can. It’s supposed to be … Continue reading Freshman tips: Homecoming Edition

Dedicated Athletes!

Winfield High School softball team! Winfield high school has two teams for softball. Varsity and Junior varsity, although they are different teams that are both absolutely fabulous. Now, the end of the season they’ve had some great ups and downs. “Varsity is extremely close.” Sophomore Tatum Bradshaw says Sophomore Rylee Bosley believes “you should never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing … Continue reading Dedicated Athletes!

Benefit the Community, not yourself.

Why volunteer if you know you won’t actually do it? Everyone hates that certain individual that says “Yeah, I’ll get it done.” but never actually does it. Doesn’t matter if you’re in your community, school, or workplace. If you have obligations to something, take the time to actually do it. Don’t just do something to seem cool or you think will make you popular with … Continue reading Benefit the Community, not yourself.

Are you struggling in School?

Are you new to high school? Or have you been here a while, but can’t get the hang of it? Many people struggle in high school with classes, teachers, peers and grades. I’m here to give you tips on how to thrive in school. Peers: How to impress your peers and make friends. 1: Make friends the first month of school, as the school year … Continue reading Are you struggling in School?

Do you have what it takes?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Everyone, has a talent that makes them unique. Winfield High School has many things to offer their students. Like sports, clubs, dances and art. The Winfield High School has a great art program. Mrs.Doss, the art teacher, has been teaching at Winfield High School for twenty-four years. Her expertise rubs of on all of her … Continue reading Do you have what it takes?