Speech Spotlight: Ellie Smith

Over the past weekend (Feb. 8), the Winfield High School Speech Team competed at the Rock Bridge Tournament. Overall, the team did great, with many high scores against such tough competition. The real highlight for the team were the outstanding achievements by Ellie Smith who, quite impressively, placed 6th overall in informative speaking at her first meet as a part of the Winfield High team.  … Continue reading Speech Spotlight: Ellie Smith

X: Album Review

Most of us remember watching Austin and Ally and fangirling over Ross Lynch and being super sad when the show ended. Good news! Everyone can resume their fangirling, but this time over his band, The Driver Era, that he formed with his brother, Rocky, in early 2018. You might not fondly recall the band that the Lynch siblings had previously formed, R5, but I promise … Continue reading X: Album Review

Would Grade Incentives Help Students Try Harder in School?

We all know what you get when you don’t try in your classes: a big fat zero and a second year in that class that you really hate. On the flip side, what do you get for trying your hardest? Most of the time, it’s pretty much nothing. For some people, the only motivation to apply themselves in  school is that they don’t want to … Continue reading Would Grade Incentives Help Students Try Harder in School?

Music in the Digital Age: Streaming

It’s the digital age, baby. These days, anything from reading a book to buying deodorant can be done online, and listening to music is certainly no exception. Consumers love the quick, easy, free listening that these music streaming services offer, but a lot of people, many of whom work in the music industry, aren’t too sure that streaming is great for everybody. Sure, it’s fantastic … Continue reading Music in the Digital Age: Streaming

DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee that any songs on this album are acceptable to play in front of your grandmother or in church. Unless your grandma and priest are really cool. In that case, rock on.  A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is the third album released by British band The 1975. The album was released on November 30, 2018 and debuted at No. 1 on … Continue reading