10/18/19 Random Fact #25

Did you know that scientists are getting closer to figuring out how to record dreams? I don’t mean writing your dream down in a journal, I mean, actually, physically seeing your dream in the waking realm; like a movie of some sort. Although this has not happened yet, scientists are still trying to figure out ways to record dreams by detecting certain brain signals while … Continue reading 10/18/19 Random Fact #25

10/17/19 Random Fact #24

Did you know that tears brought on by certain emotions are chemically different from each other? We can all agree that our emotions can sometimes control us, but our emotions can also determine the chemical makeup of our tears. For example tears of grief or sadness contain the chemical leucine enkephalin, which is a natural pain killer. Another cool fact about crying is that you … Continue reading 10/17/19 Random Fact #24

10/15/19 Random Fact #22

Did you know that the ghost of Abraham Lincoln has been haunting the White House? Now ghosts are a tricky subject mainly because most people do not believe in the supernatural, but try telling that to Queen Wilhelmina from the Netherlands. Queen Wilhelmina was a guest at the White House around the time FDR was being administrated as president. She claimed that she was awakened … Continue reading 10/15/19 Random Fact #22