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A New Look 4/4/19

Have you noticed anything different in the gym lately? Over spring break, we received new scoreboards proudly on display for everyone to see. Today we got the chance to talk to Mr. James about our new scoreboards, our sponsorships, and the BOOM Classic. “Why did we get new scoreboards?” -“I think the main reason we got new scoreboards was because of the scoreboards down at … Continue reading A New Look 4/4/19

The Art of Procrastination 3/20/19

Have you completely lost your motivation to complete your work? Are you ready for the week to be over? If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated every single assignment since the semester began. Well, the fantastic Mr. Burgoyne has assigned me to post an article for the week, so I present to you: Every Article I’ve Started and Procrastinated •New Year’s Resolutions- I started this article … Continue reading The Art of Procrastination 3/20/19

Announcements 2/26/19

Today: 3:30 Scholar Bowl @ Christian HS HS Winter Sports Banquets: Feb. 28th- HS cheer 6:00 in the HS commons March 7th- Boys Basketball 6:30 in the HS commons PROM: April 27th- @ OM KC Hall Math Tutoring: Every Tuesday & Thursday- 2:30-3:30 Spanish Tutoring: Every Monday & Wednesday- 2:30-3:30 Congrats to our Wrestling All-Conference recipients! Austin Gross- 1st Team 126 lbs Clark Rogers- 2nd … Continue reading Announcements 2/26/19

What’s Worse? The Guns or The People?

Mass shootings have become a hot topic to discuss in the last few years, as more and more of them keep happening. The United States has had 57 times more school shootings than any other major country in the world, according to CNN. And as the Gun Violence Archives reported, 307 mass shootings have happened in the US in 2018 alone. Thirty-one shootings have already … Continue reading What’s Worse? The Guns or The People?

Girls player of the week 02/19/19

This weeks girl player is Paige Sherer, senior on the Winfield Dance team. Paige is involved in, FCA, yearbook, PAC, STUCO, and dance. She has been dancing for 3 years. When asked “are you going to miss it” Paige replies with, “yes, I’m really gonna miss it. I wish I could dance in college.” Her favorite memory of dancing is, sophomore year going over to … Continue reading Girls player of the week 02/19/19